Monday, March 05, 2007

Günter Brus - "Panisches Liederbuch"

If you don't know of Brus' work, do the research. An avalanche of info awaits your inopportune shout of bewilderment...

Günter Brus - Günter Brus zum 50. Geburtstag Überreicht vom 1. Deutschen Trivialeum: Panisches Liederbuch (Dichtung und Musik)

(1988, Die Taubosel DT 1 LP.)

Availability: edition of 500, long out of print.

(Apologies for the poor cover image - we had no scanner at OHNE HQ, and the only usable photo I've been able to find is the above low-res gif from the Aquadelia/Aqualoop site...)


Siete A

101 Panisches Liederbuch I

Siete B

201 Paniches Liederbuch II

(103 MB, ripped at 320 kbps, compressed into a RAR file.)


Dichtung von Günter Brus aus der Jahren 1973-1988.

Konzeption / produktion / regie: Arnulf und Franziska Meifert.

Sprecher: Arnulf Meifert.

Recorded at P&P Tonstudio, Regensburg, sommer 1988.

(A complete list of poems and associated texts may be found in an info file within the archive.)


Get it here.

(Northward, the grand Herr Brus...)

Enjoy what's left of your lives, revel in your flaws, and seek out better food.

(Sex will almost always taste good.)



Heikki said...

Ohh I'd love to hear this as I've recently gotten into the Meifert collaborations with Kommissar Hjuler and Mama Bär.

Any chance of reuploading this?


ommyth said...

Hello Heikki,

I'm writing from Germany. Unfortunately, the external hard drive where this album is stored resides in the States. Should I visit soon, I'll likely retrieve the old drives from storage. Until then, however, perhaps someone who downloaded the Brus recording may be found lurking on Soulseek, etc.

Many thanks for writing!



Anonymous said...


I am unsure of the exact date when the previous comments were posted, but have you visited the US of A since then? Would love to hear this one.


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