Thursday, March 22, 2007

Test Card 01

Many complaints about the size and frequency of uploads, Rapidshare's restrictions, etc.

(If you think this blog is severe, you obviously haven't visited Mutant Sounds.)

We've analyzed your gripes at HQ, and for the next week we'll post naught but static images. Catch up already.



(I love this Sightings logo/illustration by Aida Ruilova...)


Bruno B said...

Are there really some morons bitching about the uploads? Ingrates! I absolutely loved getting all those rare albums and treasure the opportunity to hear them in any form. Thanks again, and I'm hoping there'll be more later despite the lazy whiners.

ommyth said...

I wouldn't call this blog's visitors morons, but we received more than a few complaints. As I implied in the main entry, if they think this pace is punishing, try Mutant Sounds! ;) They would instantly be reduced to glycerin tears...

Happy you've enjoyed the haul, Bruno. There'll be more stuff later today. Everyone's had a week off to gather their wits, seal off those wits from the rest of wit society, and unmercifully gun those selfsame bastards down.


Bruno B said...

I may have been a bit harsh, and certainly wouldn't want to project such a negative view of this blog's visitors (perhaps only a certain few, lacking in judgement momentarily, one would hope), but I remain appalled that anyone would complain about the uploads. You just don't spit on such gifts. It would be unfortunate that a few detractors would ruin it for the rest of us.

ommyth said...

O, BB, no doubt certain readers (and one glaringly daft moderator) are low-wattage, but the malaise wafting through North America has less to do with tonguing a gift horse than allowing said steed to gallop over our hard-fought downloads!

I said nothing when they took away my Hall & Oates outtakes. I maintained my silence when the DJ Spooky audio lectures were remanded to custody. And the world reflected my silence as To Live and Shave treasures began to "disappear."



FM SHADES said...

hey man, I seem to have good luck using rapidshare sucks ass!


ommyth said...

Hello FMS!

I love your blog, by the way. Excellent work...

I'm on the fence regarding Rapidshare. If you have an account with them, they're very reliable. (At least in my experience.)

If not, however, problems seem to quickly unfold.

My readers primarily complained about the one-hour wait restriction between downloads... Mediafire is pretty cool, but it's ad-supported. I deplore that aspect of their service...

So, for me it's a 50/50 proposition. Things will shake out soon enough!

Great hearing from you - you're doing fantastic work over at FM Shades!



mutantsounds said...

do you mean that Mutant Sounds is posting very frequently???noooooooo:)wait and see the post that will follow about the middle of next week(about 25-30 posts in one day,due to my leving for Easter Holidays):)...i want also to make someday a mega post with more than 50 posts....but i think i will not manage has just 24 hours...what a pity.....:(....but possibly ,if my next invasion of the multidimensional gate works, i will manage loops in time so i would extend day's length...:)(WIERDO RULES!)

To Live and Shave in L.A. 25th Anniversary Tour: Updated Poster

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