Thursday, March 08, 2007

TLASILA Album Flood: Amour Fou on the Edge of Misogyny (1998, released 2001)

(Amended 9 Mar 07.)

Hello Friends, Bonjour Foulness, Big Ups, Loneliness!

We extend our chronologically disjointed series of TLASILA album offerings with this Billy Taylor-produced oddity from early 1998. Released three years after its conception in a microscopic edition of fifteen on the Hair Police-related imprint Gods of Tundra, Amour Fou passed quickly into oblivion.

The P2P rip which circulated for a time was dreadful. This version, conversely, has been converted from the original masters, and was remastered for this upload. Stuff the auction antiquities, save your filthy lucre for suntan lotion, and be slathered with mad love here instead.

Mr. Taylor, as some of you perhaps recall, was a member of Melted Men, and had previously plied his disruptive trade in Chinny Chin Chin, Wÿfe, and other convulsive Southern aggregations. A brilliant guy, never trenchantly so - he toured with TLASILA from 1997-8. I produced a solo album for Billy in '98, but we never got around to releasing the damned thing. Really need to unearth those tapes!

To Live and Shave in L.A. - Amour Fou on the Edge of Misogyny

(2001, Gods of Tundra CD-R, no matrix number, limited edition of 15.)

Availability: gone.

Remixed and produced Jan-Feb 1998 in Athens, GA by Billy Taylor from Where a Horse dub templates.

Ben Wolcott - oscillator
Rat Bastard - bass
Tom Smith - voice

Where a Horse elements mixed 1997 by TS at Microgroove, Atlanta, from the original Wigmaker masters.

(We were riding the texts pretty hard.)


01 The Women of K.I.L.L. T.O.M.
02 Mai Lai Shadow-Demons
03 Lovemaking Lucifer la Centrale
04 Trash Treasure Sierra
05 Lady L'Amour Movie
06 Saigon State Scarface
07 The Four Turner Two
08 Stars of Loose Siete

(102 MB, ripped at 320 kbps, compressed into two rar files.)

Part 1 / Part 2



Next? Where a Horse Has Been Standing and Where You Belong. (Either the unreleased 1995 version, or the still-available - albeit in limited quantity - 1998 Western Blot version.)

Until Next Time,



mutantsounds said...

wow!never thought tha Ommyth that kept on leaving comments on my blog is member of this great band!Great blog !keep the great work....very honoured you are visiting my blog

ommyth said...

Hello Mutant Liege!

Coming from you, good sir, the ever-lovin' king, nay, POPE, of the shareblog universe, your very generous words give me great joy.

Your efforts with the Mutant Sounds blog have been extraordinary, and wholly deserving of the praise you've thus far received.

The detractors? Fools.

Keep up the insane flow! By comparison, I've done nothing! ;)

All the Best,


(Ever find those 4" Be 2" and Human Condition rarities? I'm still interested!)

Bruno B said...

Another one to scratch off the list... much thanks.

ommyth said...

Happy to be of service, Mr. B. You doin' well?

Best Beast,


Scrotch said...

way idm, far out, aphex twin, real fun record--thanks

ommyth said...

Scrotch, I'm fairly certain Mr. Taylor may have been taking the piss with his production of Amour Fou, but as a long-standing electronic muzak freak I had no qualms about the end product. It turned out skewed, thus well.

Many thanks for your kind words.


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