Monday, April 30, 2007

Denver Dove Right In...

(Amended May 2, 2007.)

Rhinoceropolis... We were in the zone. Believe it or not, we've become a fairly modest bunch, but by solipsistic admission we gave one of our best performances in years. Great audience, wonderful supporting musicians (all of whom should soon be worming their way into your souls - details to follow), and an ungovernable, insanely positive, resolutely non-maudlin vibe yielded hot fucking fecundity. Surroundings matter...

Thanks to those who shot vid, took photos, and otherwise midwifed us through the camel's eye.

As with the other recent posts, please forgive our not including pix right away. I'll sort as many out as I'm able on today's drive to Seattle, and upload them when we hit the next wi-fi hotspot.




(The second best photo of the tour...)

(Deep focus...)

(Awesome humans converged...)


JT said...

No free DVD copies to provide. Spent all afternoon and evening trying to score a ride to Denver (go to school in Colorado Springs) and came up fuckin empty. Worst day of life. Glad to hear it went well without...
May be able to catch you guys in NYC in May though. Otherwise, good luck on the rest of the tour!

p.s. thanks for turning me on to mutant sounds, which possibly saved my young life last night haha.

Anonymous said...

show the pics!!!

thanks for playing at my house. we all had a blast. your set totally slammed.



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