Sunday, April 08, 2007

In Love...

Zoë Bell, Grindhouse.


(ZB at the Hollywood premiere of Grindhouse...)

The first words out of my mouth as Death Proof ended were "I want to marry that girl, or at least some woman like her, and make eight or twelve or 800 babies with her."

Amazing, just perfect... Her character is the stuff of purest wish-fulfillment fantasy (especially when running after, then smashing the Hell out of Kurt Russell's banged-up Dodge with a length of iron pipe), but I was nonetheless seduced. That Kiwi tomboy screen-fighter stunt-freak thing is completely irresistible.

She's not gorgeous gorgeous (Rosario Dawson, Vanessa Ferlito, Sydney Potier, take your bows), but for sheer fucking spunk and hardcore EVERYTHING, she takes the fucking cake, the local confectioner's guild, and the invention of fucking baking itself.

Yes, I've become a drooling microcephalic, but buttons were pushed, sledged, seared. Wholesomeness, athleticism, sober insouciance, and a propensity for withering insolence are the qualities in a woman that blow all my fuses. Miss Bell has those goods, and just totally kicked my ass. (I'd guess at least another half-million humans feel the same.) Bravo, Hell yeah, etc.!



Anonymous said...

i totally agree man. that movie was atleast ten percent cooler that its already super-bad-ass-ness just 'cause she was in it.


Spaulding007 said...

GRINDHOUSE was awesome. Perhaps they'll do another based on the fake previews.

My vote?

"Thanksgiving" and "Werewolf Women of the SS."

I love Rob Zombie's film projects.

ommyth said...

From what I've read, Spaulding, the film most likely to spin off from Grindhouse is Machete.

(Which is cool by me - Danny Trejo has always been classic antihero material...)

I liked the raw adrenaline jolt of Death Proof the best, but Planet Terror, despite being played largely for laughs, seems to have equal resonance. I can't believe audiences aren't flocking to their multiplexes to have their senses gouged by the film...

Oh well, I suppose seeing Ice Cube tip over in a canoe is pretty gnarly too...

Agreed re Thanksgiving - excellent homage, right on target. Must admit I'm not that big a fan of the current crop of slasher epics, but given that bias, I found Roth's trailer outstanding. A girl three rows behind me SCREAMED!!! SUPER-LOUD!!!!! at the payoff of the trampoline scene... The Rob Zombie preview was alright (tho a bit too overt for my tastes), but I fucking loved Edgar Wright's Don't!. He nailed that mongrel late 70s-early 80s Brit-horror tone perfectly.



PS: 10-4, swa(y)! Zoë Bell can beat the shit out of me anytime she desires...

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