Sunday, April 29, 2007

Larewnce Welked, and Jesus' Son Smells of Old Crow

(Amended May 2, 2007.)

The Replay gig was, by any reasonable standard of pathology, a strange affair. Analytical drones, surrounded on the adjacent sidewalk by a plague of oafish fratniks, chin-stroked whilst local burlesque bombshell and pitiless purveyor of sarcasm, Lethal Lily, used my thighs to floss her well-apportioned ass. Delightful for us, beyond the pale for those still taken with Godsmack. Rat was off and well into Dolphy terrain before the assembled were able to catch their last collective breath, and although stage acoustics seemed fouled, the audio portion of the video shot by lovely ingenue Lisa revealed surprising clarity and nuance. We thus forgive the beard-scratching...

Not a lot of time to crop, upload and post pics, but we've got tons of 'em, and we'll get to them as soon as we're able. Volunteers have been very, very gracious and helpful - thanks to all of them. Due to their participation we have killer video documention.

More from Denver later,



(The view from our aluminum perch...)

(Graham and Lily... Don't mess with the lidded and looped, compadre.)

(Ben, Rat, Lily, Graham, and a boldly disdainful TS oscillate for the camera... Methinks the lemon couture made someone grumpy.)

(This Is My Condition, with guest saxophonist Dan Kozak. Theirs was an excellent set.)

(Weezer tribute ensemble Color Music strike a disconcerting pose. "My name is Dan! I'm in a band!")

(Monsieur Kozak, chilling between sets...)

(Graham, forever patching pine...)

(Rat: strapped, beery, hellbent for lather.)

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