Monday, April 02, 2007

TLASILA > WFMU 2004 > 10 Unpublished / Forgotten Photos

As the title suggests...

(The ensemble, minus DF & CG, who made pains to be out of frame...You can just barely spot Mark Morgan's elbow to the extreme right. MM thankfully lists to a political antipode...)

(Ben Wolcott, in the patented crouch. Or is it a lurch?)

(Gelatinous smears take deserved photo bows during a tracking conference.)

(Don and Andrew, pushing through the pain to engorge the vein, etc.)

(The not-terribly-distinguished Mark Morgan.)

(Rat, at the WFMU nerve center, awaiting the results of yet another paternity test... Or, maybe it was a beer run. No matter.)

(TS, looking more serial killer-like with each passing decade... Blood on the texts, and so forth.)

(Freedom Blisters, courtesy AWK.)

(Recovering label exec Sue P and sweetpea pal prove hardier than thee... They witnessed everything.)

(Falestra eyes Fleming's lime-pink flower decal with palpable envy...)


Anonymous said...

cool...about time-lovely pixs. I dig the first one where Andrew& drum set blocking the Emerg.Exit door.

-v :)

ommyth said...

We would rather have been burned alive than abandon the session... Andrew sensed this intuitively, and blocked all possible passage.

(Of course, he and Don have smoked so much kill over the years that they could have effortlessly transformed themselves into earwigs or silverfish and scuttled out the exit...)

Rat would have been happy, as a disaster would have left more Heineken to go round. (At least until the flames made it too bloody Euro warm...)



Brian Turner said...

Sue P.'s cupcakes: true stars that night

ommyth said...

Agreed, BT. The recordings of said confections (aired just recently during the fund-raiser) still make my nasal cilia stand on tippy-tip-tiptoe.


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