Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Grab 'em before they're gone...

Only 19 copies of 30-minuten mannercreme (of the original 1994 run of 1,500) remain. Half of the pre-tour larder of the album was sold on our recent road trip, and as there will not be a repress, I'd suggest interested parties get on it ASAP.

(Transparency Department: There was talk a few years ago of Hanson reissuing 30-mm in a limited two-disc vinyl edition, but nothing ever came of it.)

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Hector "El Tigre" Núñez, Director, TLASILA Leisure Hair Care and Self-Actualization Division


ommyth said...

Make that 18... This post obviously didn't arise from purely altruistic impulses - we want to sell the rest of these buggers.

(It's been a very slow boil, 13 years and counting!)

But, for those of you sincerely interested in owning a copy of our debut CD, you needed to know that they'll soon be gone for good.

So, this announcement serves both as semi-public service, and a last bit of micro-niche filthy lucre squeezed from fruit borne of sessions recorded in 1992-1993...

We feel no guilt, naturally, as we've offered the album as a free, highest-quality bitrate download for months...

No, this is truly last call on mannercreme.

Still very proud of the album, despite the four or five tracks that, in retrospect, make me cringe...



panagiotis A. stathis said...

Dearest Tom,

i'm a big fan of your work in TLASILA & through this blog & your album inserts, i'm a great admirer of your writings, outlooks, & ideologies. Damn Tom, your just one of the fucking koolest human beings i've ever known, & i still haven’t even met you in person yet.

i'm the blog author of http://eatmyartout.blogspot.com/ & when you post'd a comment there i freak'd. i hyperventilated & told my sister, my family, my friends, etc . . . they ALL, 'cept my sis asked, "who?," but oh well. Anyway, i wanted to let you know that i had comment'd a reply to you at the Hecker post, but if you didn't get it here, . . “Thanks Tom, love yr work in TLASILA., Wigmaker is a god damn masterpiece. I know what yr thinking, "it better f'in be, it took me 5 years to make the motherfucker!" lol

ps. noon & eternity is also killer, can't wait for the new record! & i was so so so hoping Andrew W.K. was going to name drop TLASILA on Conen the other night, i was really disappointed when he didn’t, no love.

my other reason for posting is that i wanted to ask you if it would be alright to post a TLASILA album at my blog, in order to let some more people know about you guys, i'd LOVE to post Wigmaker, but that's still in print right? well that would be my first choice, but i could also unleash Amour Fou on the Edge of Misogyny or Where a Horse . . . i just think TLASILA would make a nice addition to the site & fit snug amongst the other titles. well let me know if i can post wigmaker or not, but also the other two i mention'd. you can just email me at panagiotis.arthur.stathis@gmail.com
i won’t bug incessantly if you do email me, i would probably just ask you a few more questions that i have about TLASILA & recording, gear, tech/geek talk, but nothing abundant, so answer w/ ease friend.

take care & thank you
panagiotis A. stathis

ommyth said...

Hey Panagiotis!

Great blog, my friend. Well done.

Re TLASILA albums:

My only request is that you rip any offerings properly: highest bitrate (320 kbps), correct ID3 tags (no slouching, please), etc. I hate ad-driven upload sites... I've read that you're no fan of Rapidshare, but I've never had a problem with them. Fast, accurate, easy. (Of course, I have an account with 'em.)

Wigmaker is fairly close to being OOP, from what I understand. We completely sold out of it on the recent tour, and no copies remain in our merch larder, save the few personal copies each of us retains... 30-mm and Where a Horse... are very close to extinction as well.

Re your friends and family:

I and TLASILA are a mere human neuron's width from being totally unknown, and that's alright by me! If I'd wanted the limelight, as persistent a mofo as I am, I would have had it a long time ago. No, my vanity is well served as it is. Instead, I've chosen to follow the muse, gnarled and embittered crone that she often seems to be... I've loved music (and most related forms of artistic endeavor) since I was very young, and I prefer that endorphine rush to the press and after-party crush...

(Not saying I hate it when we get attention, but I can live without it as well.)

Andrew is a very busy guy with multiple irons in the fire. I never take anything personally, nor do I expect plugs from well-connected friends. He's done so much for TLASILA already, and he's never been less than a gent, a pal, and an inspiration. I prefer to enjoy their experience for what it is... Besides, he'll be recording with us soon enough, so you'll be able to get your AWK/Shave freak-on at anytime.

Gotta rush out the door, but don't be a stranger! Tell your sis that I appreciate her having a vague recollection of yours truly!



panagiotis A. stathis said...

thanks for the reply brother, . .see, you've done it again, via your words, you're a fucking badass & by no means did i think AWK SHOULD have mention'd TLASILA, but it would have been so cool to hear that on Conen. also, i have so much more respect for artists who keep lower profile, i believe that in this day & age, a certain amount of mystique & individualism is necessary w/ the bombardment of all forms of art in this digital age. what you've created with TLASILA i find truly special & worth purchase, worth further discovery. i'be been up for over 24 hours so this may all be a bit of a blurry message, but you get it.

someone at my blog told me about a collab of you & kevin drumm, but last i spoke w/ drumm (for i live in the chicago area so i see him not often, but here & there) he hadn't mention'd it, last time i spoke w/ him was probably about 3 months ago i think, anyway he just mention'd his new work & reissue on Hospital & a possible reissue on Chondritic. can you tell me any more about this possible release?

also, just for you, gonna post all TLASILA works in Rapidshare & no need to worry about the idTags, i'm really anal about that stuff—proper title, year of release, no genre, never & bit rate shall be of thee highest caliber. take care & talk to you later.


ommyth said...

hey... back from errands, holding a latte cup in the left hand, typing w/ one finger from the right.

couldn't blame kev if he's forgotten about the collab - he took a year and a half off around 2003 and we didn't often connect during that time. the album comprises material he sent me for demolition in late '02, and the resultant tracks highlight the enfolding and treatments we necessarily added. it's due to be issued in november or december on savage land... i posted a mashed-up preview of one of the tracks several months ago on myspace, but i've otherwise maintained secrecy. i predict certain people will dig...



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