Friday, May 04, 2007

Oakland / KFJC: It's the Impurities That Cause the Laughter...

(Amended May 16, 2007; new photos posted May 19.)

Killer night at Oakland's 21 Grand. Superb sets slashed the gallery din, and once-demolished bridges were at last rebuilt...

We arrived in amidst a dismal downpour; the Weasel Walter Quartet were already in full bore demolition mode as the first road cases were tossed from our groaning SUV... Missed that set, but caught three of the subsequent five. Rose for Bohdan ripped it up but good.

Mr. Walter and Liquorball's Marlon Kasberg joined us on drums and clarinet, respectively. A fucking excellent night...



(Marlon Kasberg, aka Dominic Trix. Class fucking act.)

(Yup. He rules.)

Once walls had been dusted for prints, I commiserated with G. Calvin Weston, erstwhile percussionist with James Blood Ulmer, Ornette Coleman, the Lounge Lizards, and, of course, a current participant in the aforementioned Walter Quartet. Honored and thrilled...

(G. Calvin Weston, Robert Kreamy 'Lectric, and a goofy-ass TS, awed at last.)

Afterwards, accompanied by Mr. Weston, 21 Grand's Sarah Lockhart, and Weasel's lovely lady Maria, we tucked into post-slaughter sushi, filled our bellies, and fled to lower ground.


We'd been invited by Dominic Trix to record a live session for KFJC, and we happily accepted. Three new compositions were tracked: "Rounds of the Great Estates," "Lives of the Tranquil Night," and "A Twelfth Slept Too Late." Instant simulcast to WFMU... Many thanks to the crew at Foothills College, and everyone at the station... We'll be posting the session here soon.

(KFJC's craft services unit spared the odd expense. Tap water was free!)



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