Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Towlie Snores in Boise...

We're at a godforsaken Motel 6 on the outskirts of Boise... We drove straight through from Denver, cutting a swath through eastern Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and bisected portions of Idaho. The landscape along the trek was, of course, often astonishing, but the endless succession of Flying J's, Little Americas, and dire fast food fuckholes tended to detract.

(We'd not been treated to the Mouse-Mug in a decade... Rat busted it out more than once along our path, and we're far better for it...)

If you should soon find yourselves one step ahead of Interpol (not the shit-ass Joy Division tribute cabal) with an hour to slay, pull into Rawlins, WY and dash directly to Square Shooter's Eating House. Just trust us on this one. The food was typical Mom 'n' Pop comfort cuisine, but the decor was other-worldly... Thirty-odd stuffed game animals, arrowhead murals, a Conestoga wagon doubling as a salad bar, all manner of mine/refinery-themed tack. Our eyes bulged...

Tomorrow, we leave too fucking early for Seattle. A pair of shows await.

Geeks that we are, we'll likely make quick photo-stops of Twin Peaks landmarks in Poulsbo and Snoqualmie, WA. The Double R may also find itself besieged by Shavelings, as Rattus has his heart set on eviscerating a slice of cherry pie...

The tour photos shot to date are in the process of being reviewed, scarred, vetted, etc. Soon, my monstrous ones, soon...

The quarter Ambien I downed is finally taking effect, so off to lice-infested sheets I go. As Rat's deep, sonorous snores rattle the concrete pilings supporting the second floor balcony, I bid you good eve.

Tom, for Ben, Graham, and Mr. Falestra

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leslie keffer said...

you have to go the diner in snoquamie falls and to the falls. best place ever. and seattle sucks so it makes up for it. and they have free refills on fries. and damn good cherry pie.
glad things are the way they should be. and all the twin peaks trading cards on the wall. they tell all the characters sun signs. did you know coop is an aries. well, he is.
love you guys

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