Tuesday, June 12, 2007

9 for 502: Sweet Spot Hybrids

As promised, in belated celebration of our 500th post here's a newly completed mini-album for your delectation...



TLASILA - 9 for 502: Sweet Spot Hybrids

Assembled from elements extracted from the Essential Kenny G compilation and Shellac's Excellent Italian Greyhound...


(Nine tracks, 24.83 MB unpacked, ripped @ 320.)

Get it here.


Thanks for reading (or at least pilfering from) the blog for the last four years!




Bruno said...

Thanks for writing that blog for the last four years.
Much thanks for the new tunes also.

ommyth said...

That's a big fucking 10-4, mon frere.


To Live and Shave in L.A. 25th Anniversary Tour: Updated Poster

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