Sunday, July 01, 2007

I'll Lower Neither Myself Nor This Blog by Writing "Go Flux Yourself!"

(Post-dated for your acute pancreatitis...)

Henning Christiansen - Fluxyl (Musik Essayistik)

(1984, Borgen Records HC 04 LP.)

Side A

101 Kong Frost (König Frost)

(Concerto for Oboe and Real Sound, Op. 147 - composed Jan. '82)

Side B

201 Maskemåned (Maskemonat)

(Concerto for Trumpet, Tuba and Real Sound, Op. 148 - composed Feb. '82)



Bjørn Carl Nielsen - oboe

Svend Åge Mott - trumpet

Hans Anderson - tuba

Ulla Hougaard and Sven Aage Jensen - sound


Cover: two-color print, design: Henning Christiansen. 30cm, 33RPM, 1984, Borgen Records, Valby, Denmark, No. ISBN 87-418-7146-4. Contents: Kong Frost (König Frost). Maskemåned (Maskemonat).

(91 MB, ripped from the original vinyl version at 320 kbps, and archived to zip.)

Download it here.





Bruno said...

Thanks again for all these great rips. Hoping Moniek Darge's Sounds from Sacred Places will appear one day.

Isaac Linder said...

this album is incredible. thanks for turning me on (to it- you sick, delicious man).

julien said...

could it be possible for you to re-upload this album?
That would be so much appreciated here.
Henning christiansen was the best. His recordings are unfortunately very hard to find...
Anyway, i would love to hear this one.
Thank you

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