Thursday, June 28, 2007

More Supreme Insanity...

While the odious Richard Nixon once threatened to pack our highest court with jurists charitably described by acidic satirist Michael O'Donoghue as "right-wing morons," the current Cocksucker-in-Chief has made that threat dire, lumbering reality. The Supreme Court session ending today has been appalling, but O, my friends, it just got much, much worse.

Use of Race in School Placement Curbed: Justices Reject Diversity Plans in Two Districts

Nothing like hacking the tendons of Brown v. Board of Education to energize the base...

Reaction to High Court's School Ruling

What's so galling is that polling suggests the nation is leaning progressive/liberal on a range of issues. (Its youngest citizens of voting age lead the way.) Given the dissolute condition of our republic, and the desire of so many of us to drag America - shrieking and stabbing, if need be - back to some sort of "right track," this fetid ruling was only to be expected. Fuck...

If you're not pissed off about this latest finding, you deserve Nancy Grace crawling up your ass 24/7. (That is, if she's not already trolling for kidnapped Cauc teens in your lesser omentum.) There's no one to blame for this abominable ruling, for this foul, insipid Court, but ourselves. As a nation, we re-elected Shitbag, and now the offal is falling hard and fast around our heads...

Rather less mortifying, but still astoundingly shortsighted, the last of today's Court rulings:

Justices End 96-Year-Old Ban on Price Floors

From the NY Times:

Striking down an antitrust rule nearly a century old, the Supreme Court ruled today that it is no longer automatically unlawful for manufacturers and distributors to agree on setting minimum retail prices.

The decision will give producers significantly more leeway, though not unlimited power, to dictate retail prices and to restrict the flexibility of discounters.

Five justices said the new rule could, in some instances, lead to more competition and better service.

But four dissenting justices agreed with the submission of 37 states and consumer groups that the abandonment of the old rule would lead to significantly higher prices and less competition for consumer and other goods.


Hail Satan!



Truth Serum said...

Looks like it might be time to dust off my old "Power Ties" and get back into the corporate world again, after all!!

An executive level post with a manufacturing or distribution firm might be just what we need (to create the funding to release -and distribute our upcoming "greatest hits" box set... hell, we can even set a minimum price (How Awesome!!)

Thanks Justices"S

ommyth said...

Only if our rack jobbers are illegal immigrants (with leprosy)...


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