Thursday, June 14, 2007

Po' Po' Pee Poo-Core, Revisited...

Duotron - Duotron vs. Tom Smith

(1997, Menlo Park Recordings MPK 7006 LP; all gone.)


Odi M'Khan - drums, voice
Rikkeh Suhtn - guitar, voice

01 Po' Po' Pee Poo (17:11)

02 Po' Po' Pee Poo (version) (17:24)


Recorded, mixed and produced by Tom Smith, Chicago, January 1996.

(79.2 MB, ripped from the original vinyl at 320 kbps and compressed to a zip file.)

Get it here.




Magas said...

Ha, nyce! Om, I recently discovered how RSS feeds work and am addicted to all these music blogs. Nyce to see that your blog has morphed into a "get it here" kinda thing!

Was bummed to hear that Shave played Chi, like, two weeks after. Ah well, next time I guess!

Rock on,


ommyth said...


We'll catch up with you sooner than later, I suspect. Sorry we didn't have a chance to hang!

The MHH studio alb drops very soon. Hehehehehehe... ;)



Mars said...

Nice! I've got the vinyl, now I can listen at work!

Whatever happened to Jodie?
Loved everything she's done (still looking for MONOTRONA on cd) and man, that Many Moods cover!!!

Anyvey, thanks for this Tom, you rule.

ommyth said...

Hi Mars,

Jodie's in L.A.; I left a message for her while I was out there on tour (courtesy of Kelly Kuvo), but never heard back. I think everyone misses her... Never fear, for the '96 Jodie will soon reappear to shred souls on the Miss High Heel album - her performances are nothing short of ZEEP BOOP EREEEEEE!


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