Tuesday, June 26, 2007

TLASILA > Baltimore > The Bank > 12 May 07 > After Party

The footage of our performance at The Bank is largely unusable... Ach!

The camera was placed on the floor (I forgot to ask for a volunteer operator), and the resultant static tableaux drags... The strings of Christmas lights on the ceiling of the space offered agreeable subterranean ambiance, but failed to provide sufficient illumination for filming... We got bupkis.

Despite documentary paucities, the post-perf booty party section (all of three minutes' duration) conveys something of the exhilaration of the moment, and is thus a must-squint.



(The parties convene, merge, and sweat. Perfection.)

(The camera is retrieved from the floor of The Bank.)

(Ms. Ptak walked over to me and unbuttoned my shirt to my navel. Gotta love that Baltimore hospitality.)

(Carly's keys, glued to her hips. I find this image very sexy...)

(DJ Dogdick's mixer. A beacon in the morass.)

(Seated attendees? A Bosch easel? An octopus in a periwig? Dilute my colors of confusion...)

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