Sunday, June 03, 2007

TLASILA > Los Angeles, CA > The Smell > 5 May 07 > Vidcaps

The proceedings were filmed by Rodney Ascher; many thanks, comrade. Rat, Ben, Liz, Graham, the Robot and I were joined by Tom Van Dyke, Scott Kinsey and Ren Schofield.

In Rodney's video, an unexpected, ideally positioned jump-cut takes us from bliss directly to tumult (and associated twitchings).

If we failed to say hello either before or after, forgive us. We were distracted by the rest of you...

Death to False Falsecore,



(The Smell allowed a rather less noisome vibe than one might have expected - a higher order of bliss ruled the hour. Above, Misty slips into her skin.)

(The voyeurs nest and arrest the spectrum...)

(Ren Schofield's face can be glimpsed through Tom's fingers; the others, left to right, are Scott Kinsey, Graham Moore, TS, a sliver of Tom Van Dyke, and Rat Bastard..)

(Ben navigates the rift...)

(Six of nine... Liz, Ben, SK, GM, TS, TVD...)

(Die Rattus...)

(Van Dyke emerges from the video shadows at far right...)

(The Robot finally gets a word in...)

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