Monday, June 25, 2007

TLASILA > Philadelphia > Avant Gentleman's Lounge > 11 May 07 > Vidcaps

(Amended June 26, 2007.)

Skipping ahead to Philadelphia... The audio is haphazard (owing to the necessary vicissitudes of filming at close range within a chaotic, occasionally violent pit), but the images are cool. Or, hot. Or whatever temperature you wish to assign them. One can just make out Andrew Barranca on the right (our stage left); other Shavelings included Chris Grier, Graham Moore, Ben Wolcott, Rat Bastard, and yours truly. Many thanks to Wendy Hyatt for shooting the footage, being elbowed by many of her fellow concert goers, and dodging the beer bottles launched by the aggressive Pittsburgh Steelers fan with the Insane Clown Posse togs (and obviously microscopic pee-pee).

(Rat's purple Chuck Taylors, the footwear of Miamian royalty...)

(Andrew "Gaybomb" Barranca is so bloody thin he can fit into nearly any off-stage cranny. Above, he occupies a three-inch wide space while sliding a double-sided magnetic card through the Califone reader. And Rat? He reasonably waits for the next pitcher of beer to be hurled aloft...)

(Ben, a head and an arm, and TS.)

(Graham can be seen poking his head above the lager which foamed and crested in the background... Wendy's compositions exhibited a welcome disregard for narrative concert framing. She seemed to have been divining primordial, darkly spiritual motivations, inchoate subsets of demonic processes.... Or maybe she was just waiting for one of us to take his shirt off.)

(Chris Grier lurks in half-shadows, to the rear of stage right. The tour really took off as soon as he and Gaybomb joined us. Performing and recording as a quartet was a helluva treat, but running with the collective is exponentially more complicated. Challenges to one's primacy are necessary.)

(Ben, dialing in and shredding the moment...)

(The terminus of the above sequence...)


Apologies for losing video both in Chicago and Detroit. C'est la guerre. At the Nihilist loft, we suffered a camera malfunction, and at MoCAD, well, the interior of the space was too fucking dim for images to register.

(It's not a dig at the museum; rather, it's a rebuke of ourselves! We should have left a few lights on.)


Hope everyone is well.



April said...

Hello Shaved Ones,

I hope the stubble is low and the brows are high. This video is amazing! I know I've slacked on sending you guys the posters from the Philly show, but I've found myself in Ann Arbor for the summer with with Found Magazine. As soon as I get back a package will arrive. But dudes, next time you wanna come through Philly, hit me up. We all love you guys, despite our better judgment.

Your friend in arms,

ommyth said...

We love and need ya, A. Can't wait for Round 2. Send those posters as soon as your summer is done! We should have the new studio album in the can by then... 2008's gonna rule.



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