Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Heavy Crescendos of Kontrabaß und Klavier...

(Amended July 12, 2007.)

Mathias Spahlinger - Morendo / AΠO ΔΩ (Von Hier) / Vier Stücke / Entlöschend / Störung / Sottovoce

(1990, Edition RZ rz 1005 LP, out of print.)

An astounding collection... Go go go!



101 Siete A

01 Morendo (für Orchester)

(feat. Radio-Sinfonie-Orchester Frankfurt)

02 AΠO ΔΩ (Von Hier) (für Streichquartett)

(feat. Leonardo Quartett)

03 Vier Stücke (für Mezzosopran)

(feat. Clarinette - Bernd Konrad, Mezzosopran - Dietburg Spohr, Piano - Carol Morgan, Violin - Peter Wallinger, und Violincello - Hélène Silec)


201 Siete B

04 Entlöschend (für Grosses Tamtam)

05 Störung (für Elektronische Musik)

06 Sottovoce

(feat. Stuttgart Schola Cantorum)


01 recorded Hiscischer Rundfunk, 1979.
02 recorded Westdeutscher Rundfunk, 1983.
03-04, 06 recorded Süddeutscher Rundfunk 1976, 1974, 1974.
05 recorded Elektronische Studio der Musikhochschule, Stutgart, 1976.


(99.5 MB, ripped from the original Editions RZ vinyl at 320 kbps, and archived to zip.)

Get it here!


Best to You All,



beoving said...

Hi Tom,
Upon releasing the Spahlinger album from it's shackles, i found 1 piece missing, nr 2 to be precise ( Von Hier ). Since the rest of the music sounds great, i would like to hear this one as well, so could you, if you can find the time, re-upload?
( please? )

ommyth said...

You're absolutely right, Beoving - I've just checked the zip file I originally uploaded and "Von Hier" is indeed missing. Ach!

I'm re-upping now.



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