More Importantly, Do They Ask for Encores of "Simon the Bullet Freak"?

Do fish suffer from exposure to Uriah Heep?


Truth Serum said…
"It could be quite nasty to arrange such an aquarium and a performance venue (so close)," Erkinaro said, "especially when the (band) is a bit old-fashioned."

Is the "researcher & Scientist" implying that the "lack of freshness" (ala Dug-e...)of the musical "programme" would be the possible cause of disconcerting (or physiologically negative) effects upon the marine-life??...

We have personal experience with a perfectly healthy (freshwater)beta that resoundingly croaked (belly-up)after just 3 nights of pummeling with high SPL's generated by Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, and the Gary Numan Hybrid special edition box-set... this music was as "fresh" as virgin snow on Kilimanjaro (at the time)... perhaps the Black Eyed Peas would have a more "favourable" effect... or something new and "freshly wonderful" from one of our latest "mom-core" singer/songwriters?%&$*#@!

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