Friday, July 20, 2007

Narcocorrido Wraiths Converge...

Hello Again,

I'm presently immersed in the writing of the next To Live and Shave album... Oy. With recording scheduled to begin in NYC on August 24, the pressure is starting to build. Themes have been cresting, overflowing for months. If you're a semi-constant reader, you'll have an inkling...

(We want to pull out several stops this time, while violently suppressing the others.)

If the recent tour was any indication, tracking should go (relatively) (un-)smoothly.

(Cue shotguns. Cue squibs. More blood!)

Assembling mashup mikro-platten serves to ameliorate much of the (self-administered) stress. Guess I'm feeling the heat, 'cuz I've devised yet another EP for your delectation:

TLASILA: Judee vs. GG

Ms. Sill, the deceased, previously born again smack Ophelia, goes candle-to-spoon with Mr. Allin (equally non-sentient as of this post), here ably assisted by Michael Nyman protégés and five-time MacArthur Fellows grant recipients Antiseen.

Antipodes? We think not. Listen to the texts - similarities abound.


(Four tracks, 17.8 MB, ripped at 320 kbps.)

Get it here.





Knox said...

GREAT work, Tom!! I'm really loving these!

ommyth said...

Many thanks, Knox. I'm pleased you're enjoying these trifles. They serve the same function for me as doing the New York Times' Sunday crossword does for others - mashups and remixes clear my head, and help me focus on the larger work at hand.



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