Thursday, July 19, 2007

No-Core Mixtape #8...


M.P. Lockwood (with co-host Christine Urrutia) has just posted another in his series of No-Core Mixtape podcasts. He's been either kind enough or sufficiently addled to include a track from To Live and Shave in L.A.'s May 4th radio session at KFJC in his most recent (July 18) long-form mix, the eighth he's thus far assembled. Lots of cool groups and performers are featured throughout...

Cheers to M.P. and Christine*!

Visit the No-Core web here.



(*And apologies to Kristin Calvarese, previously mis-identified here as the co-host of the podcast.)


M*P*Lockwood said...

Thanks much for the cross-promotion! (and for sharing so much great material in this very blog) However I feel like I ought to make a small correction. The co-host on this show was not Kristin Calvarese but one Christine Urrutia. She is billed as a "special guest co-host" not because listeners might recognize her (though some might!), but just because she is someone who I was personally excited to have on "the air" with me. She must coincidentally sound much like Kristin! However, I will now be sure to play some of Ms. Calvarese's stuff in the next 'cast.

Keep up the good fight.

ommyth said...


Damn, I thought for certain your mostest-hostess was Ms. KC. Amendments have been sent to the editing suite.

All the Bzzzzt,


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