Friday, July 13, 2007

TLASILA: Catarrh Contra Duckbill

Here's a new TLASILA mash-up mini-album, created specially for the readers of this blog:

Björk vs. Cactus

Five short tracks, assembled by yours truly on July 12, 2007.

Dissolve under tongue...




SamS said...

Two words: Awgh Sum.

JohnWayne said...

's cool, but I don't think this or Alvin and the gang compare to track 3 from Sweet Spot Hybrids. That was some excellent 5 o'clock rock at the Food Court shit!

ommyth said...

SamS, JohnWayne, thanks for writing. I'm happy you both dug, and I agree with JW that these probably don't rate as highly as the Shellac/Kenny G mashes - in my defense, I did kinda throw these together for the weekend.

I promise not to rush the mixes in future. (Of course, rushing them, stumbling, and making odd aesthetic errors is part of the process. Mistakes are always essential...)



Isaac Linder said...

just stopping by to give a warm, methodological hear, hear!

SamS said...

Re Rushed Mashes: Consider a mistake your hidden intention.
Conceptually, BJ-ork vs CAC-tus can't be beat

ommyth said...

Many thanks to all who've taken the time to comment... As ever, there are mixes in the works.


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