Tuesday, July 10, 2007

TLASILA > New York City > Club Midway > 14 May 07 > Vidcaps (Pt. 1)

(Photo captions added July 11, 2007.)

Below, the last batch of screengrabs from To Live and Shave in L.A.'s April-May trek through the continental USA. These were extracted from the video footage shot (under the usual miserable lighting conditions) at Club Midway on Avenue B in Manhattan.

One half will be posted this evening; the remainder will follow tomorrow.



(L to R: Don Fleming, Mark Shellhaas - obscured by shadow, as befits his rigorous demeanor - and Kelly Jamison.)

(Andrew W.K., Ben Wolcott, and TS' elbow.)

(Graham Moore and toggle controller...)

(Don, Andrew, Ben, and Tom's torso...)

(Rat Bastard. Along with Cher, cockroaches, and cut-out bin copies of An Interview with the Mitchell Brothers, a human cultural evergreen.)

(Kelly does a lightning double-take as Rat slides past...)

(With the focus on Mr. Falestra, left to right we find Mr. Wilkes-Krier, a smudged Mr. Wolcott, a hidden Monsieur Smith and Mr. Moore, his head in his work.)

(Chris Grier, Graham's mug, and Rat's right ham.)

(TS, BW, and CG.)

(Tom and Rattus...)

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