Saturday, September 29, 2007

Gedächtnis der Listen...

TLASILA - Elton John vs. Thurston Moore

Both EJ's 2004 franchise-shoring Peachtree Road und T-Byrd's new, schlager-centric Trees Outside the Academy are strikingly similar. And no, that's not a bad thing.

There's no point in jousting with entropy...

If you've been examining the threadwork along the frayed edge of the zeitgeist, well, it's obvious - the recursive elements are offensichtlich.

And that's a great thing. Seams intersect on the plain of the finite...


(Four tracks, 20.1 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Keine Durchfahrt,



Toxic Johnny said...

Well yes... I'm pleased to see that bullshit is still alive and kicking on the worldwide interblog... Go you.

ommyth said...


You read poorly. As a partisan, you may deign not to acknowledge the ligature, but the filaments nonetheless bind gristle to bone.

I'm not pleased to see that the old, myopic paradigms still hold sway, but yours are common presumptions. It's bullshit only if you fail to contest the fundamentalist narrative. From a cursory read of your blog, it seems obvious that you've been shaking the home team's pom-pons for a very long time.

Best of Luck,


To Live and Shave in L.A. 25th Anniversary Tour: Updated Poster

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