Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Schism Gave Birth to Excision...

Quoi de neuf? Everyone well?

Here's a new Sirop bodybag:

TLASILA - Brave New World vs. Miss High Heel

Wherein we find Impressions on Reading Aldous Huxley in violent opposition against The Family's Hot Daughter...

Stirring "disturbance" in heretical drag is folly - May '68 (or Zürich '16, or Oakland '66) begins with oneself.


(Four tracks, 24.8 MB, ripped @ 320.)






Isaac Linder said...

thanks for all the gory, pristine mixes you've been posting of late. little, concust nuggets of node-slamming, teeth-gritting ecstasy.

just wanted to remind you that COHORTSZINE would like to have all the contributions for issue 001 in by the first of October. writing, sound, whatever- you can email me at (i would've emailed you but seem to have misplaced the address). also- Miles (Crown Now) sent me some mixes he's done of material for your collaboration so's that I can sink my grubby paws in them- just wondering if you have anything else from that meetup you'd like me to pass along to him?



ommyth said...

Hello Issac,

You can always find me (or the other Shavelings) here...

To be honest, I'd totally forgotten about Cohortzine. I'm such a forgetful twit... I'd better get cranking!

I worked on the Crown Now tracks for several weeks, and sent Miles nearly 90 minutes of mixes... I've done my bit! The only thing I've been adamant about is not allowing a dialogue - it's my opinion that the spotlight should remain squarely on them, at least within the context of this collab.

More to do, so I'll sign off for now.

Death to lovers of the Clash,


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