Thursday, September 06, 2007

Shave Docu-Anomaly #667

From Chris Grier, to TS:

Here ya go: A photo of you with a guitar in yr lap.

You really seem bewildered by that thing. You look like a primate who can't decide whether to lick it or smash it.

I say smash first, lick later...



Pajamas (like Bahamas) said...

i love that picture of you! we can see you dreaming, wishing you were Derek Bailey hahaha...halloween's just 'round the corner, get yrself some slacks, a nice pair of loafers 'n a button-up collar'd shirt, maybe even a sweater vest & you'll have it, though yr a bit too muscular, brawny, stop working out! hahaha...yr turning into LL cool J, like, do really need any more muscle? hahaha...i'm just ribbin' you Tom. long time no type, glad to hear the new record is coming along nicely, can't wait to hear it...have a good one brother & all the best,

ommyth said...

The sweater vests are on back order from Incus!



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