Friday, September 28, 2007

Sitting on the Floor at James Chance's Request...

We (TLASILA) have a two- (maybe three- ) disc set forthcoming on Important... Remember? It's comprised of contributors' deformations of a 30-minute distillation of the five hours of rehearsal outtakes recorded for Noon and Eternity. Yeah, it's just that convoluted... So what? You should crawl through Hell for these crumbs.

It's called The Grief That Shrieked to Multiply, and the spoiled little fucks who promised mixes came through in a HUGE way. We've got tracks from Jimmy Eat World, Mohinder, The Promise Ring, Max Colby, The Get Up Kids...

(Uh, sorry, that's my dream project.)

We had to settle for Reto Mader (as RM74), Dino Felipe, Dave Phillips, Anton Nikkila, Alexei Borisov, Howard Stelzer, Kasra Mowlavi, Thee Majesty, Ralf Wehowsky, Fabrizio Palumbo, Carlos Giffoni, and Rudolf, who's also agreed to create the album's artwork for us...

(I ruin a quarter-hour of disc space myself...)

(Above, an uncharacteristically pensive Frau

Our deadline looms... Look for Grief in late late '07 or early '08 (or mid-'12), depending.



Bruno said...

What about the other participants (Fanny, Otto Von Schirach, etc.) previously announced, did they fail to deliver?
Well, no matter who or what makes the cut, I'm sure this will be quite the awesome package.

ommyth said...

Lazy cunts, one and all. Of course (and I'm being serious for a sec), everyone's very busy... We're all still peers/pals/customers of the same monkey adrenaline dealer, so if we don't catch 'em this time, there's always a next.

The submissions received thus far run the gamut of contempo rigour - it all sounds pretty good at the moment!

Of course, in a minute's time, I might crash into an horrific depression, with the frightful miasma wafting heavenward, diminishing all resolve...

We can only hope so! ;)

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