Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cobra Venom Mixed with the Old Blah-Blah...

Vicekopf - Principia Schizophonica EP

(1991, RRRecords RRR 077 7", out of print.)

Performed by Dr. Hans Gregor Vicekopf (aka Gregory Whitehead).

Another in the endless procession of unobserved synaptic prominences - Principia flared less brightly than some, but small appliances were nonetheless addled...


Two instructional recordings from Exercises in Spontaneous Speech Pathology performed by Dr. Hans Gregor Vicekopf...

01 Principia Schizophonica (6:40)

02 How to Pronounce "Prothesis" (6:45)


(29.6 MB, ripped @ 320 from the original vinyl.)



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Anonymous said...

You can also get this and scores of other Whitehead material at

ommyth said...

Absolutely, Anon. If you check the link list to the right you'll note that Ubu is one of our preferred destinations. (They have indeed amassed a credible Whitehead collection.) It's just more fun to post from one's own archive!

Thanks for writing.


Lomaxxx J. Lomaxxx

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