Monday, October 15, 2007

Her Feral Self Again in Shadow...

Singcircle - Mouth Music

(1983, Hyperion Records A66060 LP, out of print.)

(Above, clockwise, the composers: Denis Smalley, Trevor Wishart, and Simon Emmerson.)


Engineered by Trygg Tryggvason
Conducted by Gregory Rose
Produced by Martin Compton

Recorded in The Music Centre, Unversity of East Anglia, Norwich on 31 March, 1, 5 April 1982.


01 Pneuma (14:51)

Composed by Denis Smalley

Richard Wistreich - Bass
Nicole Tibbels - Soprano
Alan Belk - Tenor

02 Ophelia's Dream II (10:18)

Composed by Simon Emmerson

Paul Hillier - Bass
Nancy Long - Mezzo-Soprano
Rogers Covey-Crump - Tenor

03 Anticredos (17:03)

Composed by Trevor Wishart

Paul Hillier and Richard Wistreich - Bass
Nicole Tibbels - Soprano
Alan Belk - Tenor



On "Pneuma," performers also play 2 large and 3 small Talking Drums, 5 Tuning Forks, 5 Resonant Metal bars of different timbre, 2 Chinese Gongs and Tam Tam.


(95.7 MB, ripped @ 320 from the original vinyl.)

A great, great album...




Schwitters' Stutter


Isaac Linder said...

hey tom,

you don't by any chance have any Mauricio Kagel in that limitless collection of yours, do you (particularly, "Nah und Fern")?

ommyth said...

Album tonnage I have, Issac, but retrieval systems aren't my strong suit. (A major flaw in the operation!) I'm sure I have the composition, but it'd take a few days to find it... I'll sniff around the vault.

Got your questions - I'll respond ASAP.



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