Sunday, October 21, 2007

So, Why Exactly Did Cianciusi Ditch JFA?

Harry Pussy: Microgroove, Atlanta (3 May 97)

Orcutt rang me up as HP were entering the final leg of their farewell trek. They needed material for a raft of split singles, or at least wanted recordings that could later be parsed to various labels. No prob. (Menlo Park, Klang, and De Stijl were the eventual recipients.) I'd organized a gig for the Pussies and Silver Apples anyway, so it made sense for them to take advantage of some studio time.

The Econoline pulled into Howard Avenue in Decatur around 10:00 PM. They loaded in, I set up a few mikes, got levels, shot a roll of film, then hit sync on the ADAT controller. We were done by two...

I mixed everything down the week after the Atlanta gig, sent a disc off to Miami Beach, and that was that.

Below please find the complete session, extracted directly from the original stereo master.

(With Michael Bolton Sings Sinatra overlain...)


Dan Hosker - guitar
Adris Hoyos - voice and percussion
Bill Orcutt - guitar

01 God Save the Police Truck
02 Born to GLC
03 Neat Neat Generation
04 Pretty White Minority
05 Holidays in the Cambodia
06 Janie All Music
07 White White White
08 Problems Control
09 Feel the Alles
10 Liar the City


(21.3 MB, ripped @ 256.)




Fettered Hiss Mono


Anonymous said...

Hello! Is there any way to get a copy of this May 3, 1997 Harry Pussy recording? I would love it so very very much. Thank you!

ommyth said...

Sorry, Jet, but it would be unethical for me to make it available as it was recorded. I've not asked either Adris, Dan, or Bill for permission, and I'm sure they prefer to be the direct beneficiaries of any posthumous glory. No, overlain with Michael Bolton will have to suffice.

Thanks for posting, however!



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