New Mixes Arriving Later Today...


Still here, but very busy since Sunday with the final mix of our forthcoming C-60 on Teenage Whore, Each Day Vomits Its Tomorrow. (Very cheery, I know.) Many months in post-production... Simultaneously, Rat and Graham have been finishing The Cortege in Miami Beach. Can't wait to hear the horrors they've wrought!

Minutes ago I received Otto Von Schirach's track for our '08 remix compendium on Important. It's completely retarded. O described it as "super Ralph records style," and he nailed the self-assessment. Excellent work... Can't decide which version I prefer, however. There's a slow, bangin' iteration and a speedier, teeth-grindin' cousin...

I've been cranking out collisions in the middle of the mixdown - four new accidents since Sunday. Too distracted to upload them until now... Oy. As soon as they're on the server I'll publish links.

Lots more news to follow...


(Oddly enough, this relatively inconsequential post is our 700th since beginning the blog in 2004... Hurrah, etc.)


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