Repost: Ohne 1

By request, I've reposted the first album by Ohne. Originally issued in 2002 by Ohne Mego, the 18-track compendium has been out of print since 2004.


Daniel Löwenbruck
Reto Mäder
Dave Philips
Tom Smith


Part 1 / Part 2


Miles said…
Many thanks, Tom—it's a pleasure to hear this after so long (it sounds as fresh as the day it was hatched).
ommyth said…
You're quite welcome, Miles - many thanks for asking...

Anonymous said…
not sure if my comments went through the wires yesterday-i clicked submit once-but yes this album is one to be replayed many of times. Fun hearing the distorted ass version of Sex Pistols-no fun- glorified cell phone recording on B. Turners show yester. In a fucked world- I thank too Tom Smith for sounds that will never die---even played lightly on my newborns ears. Love-Nathaniel
Bruno said…
Besides the killer content, I'd like to add that I've always loved Rudolf's art on this. Not many people seem to mention it, but I think it's fantastic and suits the sounds within perfectly.
Can't wait to see what he cooks up for The Grief... set.
ommyth said…
I believe it's a simple line drawing of Yuji Miyake from NTV's New Dotch Cooking Show doing a header off the top of the Malaysian Genting Skyway and landing unharmed, feet first, into...

More than that, Mr. has yet to reveal.


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