Saturday, November 10, 2007

Try As I May, I Can't Quite Fit the Bösendorfer in Condy's Bunghole...

TLASILA - Neil Campbell vs. Kelly Wells

Wherein the visualizations of Mr. C's Sol Powr mesh with the vocalizations produced by Ms. W during her performance in Jam It Up My Ass All the Way 2. The path to nirvana is nothing if not confounding...


(Four tracks, 22.1 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Ruminating on the propriety of "let 'er rip,"



Anonymous said...

you are crazy
my mate procrane split is gonna hijack these jams + rip ;em up a bit more
love ya!

ommyth said...

And you, Neil, are a seer of the highest order. Cheers! Can't wait to hear what Procrane does to the (a-)music!

We're touring Europa from early April through the third week in May - no UK gigs, however. Alas...

Yours Faithfully,


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