Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Upon the Morrow We Perambulate the Slurry...

To Live and Shave in L.A. - The Cortege

(The above image is a detail of a larger graphic; click for a full-sized view.)

Eleven new songs recorded August 2007 at the Think Tank. Hoboken, NJ.

Engineered by Matt Azzarto.

Composed by Tom Smith (with the exception of "Till Their Legs Gave Way," composed by TS and Mark Morgan)

Chris Grier
Misty Martinez
Dimthingshine (formerly Dimthings)
Patrick Spurlock
Kelly Jamison
Nondor Nevai
Mark Shellhaas
Graham Moore
Don Fleming
Cherie Lily
Mark Morgan
Andrew W.K.
Ben Wolcott
Frank "Rat Bastard" Falestra
Tom Smith

Mixed and produced by Don Fleming.

Coming in 2011 on Fan Death.

(The 2008 Blossoming Noise release failed to materialize...)


a grey angel said...

totally enamored with the graphic... but have been racking my brain over the rhyme or reason to the name line-up order or lack-thereof.

ommyth said...

Neither R nor R, PS. A random distribution, with one exception - the old fucks who began the group are shoved into the musty right lower corner...


To Live and Shave in L.A. 25th Anniversary Tour: Updated Poster

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