Thursday, November 22, 2007

Worst Recommendation Ever...

Written of the Editors:

"Creating music on its own terms, this indie rock foursome has rightfully been dubbed the bastard lovechild between Joy Division and Interpol."

(Steve Markoff, Suicide Girls Interviews page, 21 Nov 07.)

Uh, check please!

Granted, their lead vocalist, one Tom Smith, is already infinitely better known (and slightly more liquid) than your same-named scribe, but c'mon already!

(Oh well, those birthed out of wedlock rarely have a say in their seeding...)

I now propose the construction of a extragenetic supercollider to be built on the original site of Smash Hits' London office to wring similarly ill-bred disjecta from genre sarcophagi.

(Er, wait a minute - that's exactly what we're doing here with the m-as-h-up series, right?)

All hail Editors!


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