Karlheinz Stockhausen died Wednesday, December 5th, at his home in Kuerten-Kettenberg, Germany.

His passing was announced earlier today by the executive board of the Stockhausen Foundation for Music:

On December 5th he ascended with JOY through HEAVEN’S DOOR, in order to continue to compose in PARADISE with COSMIC PULSES in eternal HARMONY, as he had always hoped to do: You, who summon me to Heaven, Eva, Mikael and Maria, let me eternally compose music for Heaven’s Father-Mother, GOD creator of Cosmic Music.

May Saint Michael, together with Heaven’s musicians in ANGEL PROCESSIONS and INVISIBLE CHOIRS welcome him with a fitting musical GREETING.

Grieve not, for the import of his works - at least from this biased vantage - is incalculable.


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