Monday, December 31, 2007

Favorite Music of 2007

Happy New Year!

Not much time for palaver - I'm racing to complete a pair of illustrations for a German kultur mag (crude Photoshop collages, but that's what they asked for!), and then I'm off to party in the ATL...

Hope all of you have an uproarious NYE, and a terrific 2008...

Best-of lists are inherently ass-fucked, but a rundown of office favorites? Not a problem. As many of you are aware, we keep it simple at TLASILA HQ: three albums, three singles, and we're out. All were captivating, all were repeated and studied and dozed off to and admired for hundreds of repeat plays.

Our aesthetic is the most rigorous of all possible aesthetics, and all other fuckers are WRONG. This is the hot global truth.

Caveat: if you are a friend to, a member (or close associate) of TLASILA, your work is excluded from competetion. Fair is fair.

Selection process revealed:

I listened to thousands of recordings in 2007, but these are the ones I came back to time and again. Got it?

Favorite ALBUM

Burial - Untrue

(Hyperdub HDBCD002 CD)


Ez3kiel - Naphtaline

(Jarring Effects CD0337 CD)

Eedl - Everse

(spa.RK sp 14cd CD)

Favorite COMPILATION (only one selection)

Space and Time

(Hotflush HFCD001 CD)

Favorite SINGLE

Compound One - Get Loose

(Compound One CMPD 001 12")


Goth-Trad - Cut End / Flags

(Deep Medi Musik Medi-05 12")

Substance & Vainqueur - Libration / Resonance

(Scion Versions SC 04 12")

That's it. Everyone else's records can go fuck themselves.




Anonymous said...

BURIAL, Tom? Ha ha - 'tis this years Portishead/Moby, i.e. music for (Brit) Guardian readers to pretend to dig so they can be down wit da kids...NOTHING HAPPENING THERE... oh well happy new year (and new ears?) to ya from an old mucker who can recall you waxing lyrical about Humble Pie Live At The Filmore...been enjoying yer blog and wishing you all the finest -
Phil Former Spotty Betley WCD

ommyth said...

Phil! Wonderful to hear from you - Happy '08!

Re list: I made pains to represent the seven selections as favorites, not best-ofs. I liked them, and often returned to them. And as your friend, I can also disagree with your estimate. My dad is dying and my son was in Iraq - mellow fit the fucking bill for 2007.



kingpossum said...

Here here. Burial are the Journey of the nauseated apocalypse, no two ways about it. In a year virtually devoid of anything that could be termed a "highlight" (musical or otherwise), Untrue provided an island of inverted beauty in a foul sea.


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