Friday, December 28, 2007

The Twelve Feasts of Praamzius, Pt. 12

TLASILA - The Twelve Feasts of Praamzius, Pt. 12: Conway Twitty's A Twistmas Story vs. Hilary Duff's Santa Claus Lane

"On the twelfth feast of Praamzius / my Svarog gave to me / twelve Gurdjieff disciples dozing / eleven Briatharogam a keeling / ten Zoroastrians a zithering / nine Gnostic Luciferians deriding / eight gealdorcraeftigan sniffling / seven Celtic polytheists bearding / six megaliths crumbling / five texts by Iolo Morganwg! / four herding omens / three Rosicrucians / two athamés / and a bar of homemade saffron soap left on the display case adjacent to the orange-cranberry scones at the Starbucks just off I-10 and Garth near mile marker 793..."


(Twelfth course, 5.02 MB, ripped @ 320.)



"In palace, cabin or in cot,"


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