Friday, January 18, 2008

Adamantly Eat Ant 0/2/5

Unassailable tithers work putts. Cad shining moron sunup, shun roadie. Erect Go the... Bowling ivy handlebar pup: canastas' insomnia yarn Wigmaker! Jauntiest sins! Sarcomata rule whim, immeasurable potions snot spy. Foreseeable virile whit nth nil: Monsieur Six Rotor 77/41!

Eclectics friend-only dances found,



Medjoub said...

Speaking of linguistic chaos, when is the Teenage Whore tape going to be available? hell, when is anything going to be available?

ommyth said...

You'll have to ask TW about the release date - I have no idea myself!

We're still formulating the battle plan for The Cortege, and everything is super-secret hush-hush until next week. Disinformation has been the order of the day - that's all I can divulge at the moment.

The remix album for Important is done - the submission deadline passed, and now we're entering the mastering phase.

The split 12" on Isolated Now Waves will be off to the plant soon...

TLASILA/Drumm still needs a bit of work, but it will be ready later in '08 on Savage Land.

The Miss High Heel album is back from the manufacturer, but Blossoming Noise is waiting for sleeve stickers... After they've arrived, it will be shipped to distributors and offered via mail order.

The Heavy Psych tape still needs a bit of tweaking!

That's it for now.



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