Atlanta, Dawn of Day Three...

I've been tripping (very good 'shrooms) with friends all night. Great oscillating conversations establishing, among other tangents:

1) Bats masturbate to To Live and Shave in L.A., and only to TLASILA...

2) My semen de-Nazifies on contact.

3) Nothing can void or impede mediation - in other words, there are no field recordings, only microphone placements. Their degree of ultimate efficacy is dependant on innumerable variables, and you've seen that Hallmark Channel mini-series already.

4) Andrew Cuomo is a foul wanker-shitter...

Very busy recording here at Blossoming HQ; we've done nine tracks in two days, with lots of cartilage and soft organ tissue yet to be fabricated.

The Miss High Heel album looks sexy as Hell.

Yours Affectionately,



Roger said…
Send some my way, bro. LOVE that shit.

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