Monday, January 28, 2008

Boundless, Infinite Loathing...

(Not nearly as deleterious as it's cracked up to be.)

TLASILA - Boston vs. Talvekoidik


(Two tracks, 5.85 MB, ripped @ 320; another in our continuing "No More Than a Mouthful" series...)



Good to have all your voices in my mind again,



kingpossum said...

Hey Tom, two reasons for this pestering comment:

1. You need to have at least one comment logged on the Boston post

2. You of all people might be possibly be able to help with my snivelling request: Any chance you could post the 4-track vinyl ep from King Flux, which was Mr. Richie Stotts' post-Plasmatics venture?

I've never heard the King Flux stuff, and it has never turned up on the myriad metal blogs I've grovelled requests to. You're my only hope. Posting stuff straight-up and un-mashed is likely not your bag, and I understand and respect that.

But I promise I'll listen to the John Denver thing if you can come up with the King Flux.

Thanks for listening,

ommyth said...

Hello KP,

Sorry, but I don't have any King Flux either... Weasel Walter might be the one to contact, actually - his admiration for all things Plasmatics, was, if Alzheimer's serves, a far more encompassing fetishism. I'll maintain a close watch for the material, however!


John Denver's ex-publicist

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