Saturday, February 16, 2008

Many of the Fathers Assigned Tenuous Bodies to the Angels...

TLASILA - Roberta Flack vs. Nath Family

Imprisoned in flesh, these can never be saved...


(Two tracks, 7.91 MB, ripped @ 320; the mouth of our Gnostic Midnight simulacrum.)



Good, hence more evil,



Anonymous said...

Tom, I've been listening to these Dimthings records for years (6 of them)-my favorites, "In spite of what they say"- "Dis-ci-plined 2 A Spontaneous Way of Life"-"Those Unforgetable Shaman"-the latter 2 featuring Jean Chaine. After digging them out-these are fucking great records. What's the story Tom? Dim things shine. Who did the artwork for disciplined 2 a spontaneous way of life? Is the creator of the beautiful music on these Dim Things records affiliated w/ contemp. TLASILA?? -N

ommyth said...

Hey N,

Dimthings performs on both the LP and CD versions of The Cortege - it was good to be re-acquainted with him, and an honor to have his vocal and percussive sounds in the mix.

I would direct you to the source for definitive answers to your questions. The man has a MySpace profile - search, make contact, and inquire!



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