Sunday, February 17, 2008

Orgasmatron Under Attack!

TLASILA - Motörhead vs. ABBA

By request...


(Eight tracks, 30.1 MB, ripped @ 320.)






kingpossum said...

Track 4!!!! May this and every year bring you good health, much happiness, a mountain of sulfate and relentless double bass drums. Many thanks and huzzahs.

I remain,

ommyth said...

Hehehe... Well, KP, these things tend to compose themselves, so I'm loathe to take credit, or be too effusive in the service of self. That caveat chiseled in rye, I'm rather fond of track 7!



Anonymous said...

Motorhead vs. Abba. This is the highlight of excitement in my Shave expectations. I hope they'll be dashed! Or not!

Paul McCannibal

ommyth said...

Or, Paul, or!!!

kingpossum said...

Oh, and belated props for placing Mr. Kilmister onstage with Agnetha! Would be Lemmy-approved, mos def.

ommyth said...

Aggie's displaying - forgive me, ladies - awesome catsuit c'toe in that pic... She was pretty freakin' hot in her prime, and still raises a few hackles today! She had a new, primarily Euro-only album out last year... Lives as a recluse, but still kickin' it. No need for uber-ambitious schemes, however, as ABBA earn sixty gazillion dollars a day off royalties alone... Nicely played! I was never much of a fan, but "Waterloo" totally kicked my ass back in the olde, and I was mainly listening to Ayler, Miles, Roxy/Eno, and Xenakis!

As for Lemmy, 'nuff said!



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