Tuesday, March 25, 2008

All Hail Random Chance!

The tumblers spin, and spin, and spin, and then...


Bruno said...

Looks like a FileFactory code. Checking the mental backlog, I believe I've only ever used that filesharing service to download porn. How appropriate then!

ommyth said...

Hello Monsieur B!

Some lowly cur at the Deleted Scenes blog prefers FileFactory; I was in the process of siphoning a portion of their larder when fate intervened with a delightful four-letter code...

Hope all is well!



Andrew said...

Em and I were playing Scrabble late one night at the 24 hour starbucks, and these two girls who'd formed a team in the game used up their tiles making "quims."

We expected that, as "quim" would definitely be a noun, and you CAN have more than one quim in an area (we had four at the table, after all).

They won after getting 39 points for the word.
It was impressive.

ommyth said...

I think they cheated - even the Marquis De Sade never used the plural construction! (At least I think so.) "Pussies," assuredly. "Cunts," which really should be solely reserved for slating lunkheads, absolutely. "Twats," no problem. (Again, the British usage points more to the doltish than delectable orifices, but for the purposes of this comment, I shall let sleeping cunts lie.)

But "QUIMS"???

Anyhow, Scrabble is much better for you than CNN, and I salute you!

Best to you and Em,


Andrew said...

Eh, we gave it to 'em. We even checked dictionary.com on Em's iPhone, and when it flat out said it was a noun (we'd actually never heard of the word), we accepted the plural.

Thank you for your salutations!

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