Thursday, March 27, 2008

Le Bon Mal...

Such language, and in the stately Times! My guess is the copy will be well bowdlerized by morning...

(Update: it already has been!)

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yob_tva said...

pity they just didn't forget to get on the plane

we've had nothing but hoary old rockers (kiss, ozzy etc..) for the last few months and now ageing metrosexuals playing a concert with the increasingly pathetic jesus and mary chain

pity the 30 somethings haven't been breeding - then they'd have someting to spend their money on

ommyth said...

It isn't so much their age as their insistence on sucking so hard all these eons...

That noted, I feel your pain, y_t.

Here, it's the opposite - young groups needlessly imitating "classic" elders, and promulgating vile sonics in the effort.

My solution? Never play material older than last Thursday, and let fate sort out the rest.

Thanks for writing,


yob_tva said...

maybe i was a little out of line with the 'hoary old rockers' line; would you believe a boy scout with a rapid alsatian

been pillaging as it is no more

and if art house is your cup of tea then annihilate your monthly load on this

merely 400 of his favourites

sice its raining here today i hope it floods out the jamc and duran duran tonight down on the flood plain

ommyth said...

Nah, I think you're well in line. Most aged acts and artists tend to lose focus along the way; even Derek Bailey had embarrassing blunders (his lamentable, wholly unmemorable drum and bass excursion, for example). The best artists tend to give the biz, its attendant tropes, and even the fixed notions of themselves a hearty "fuck you" - that lack of respect fuels continued growth.

Yeah, let the rain pour down in torrents!

Links are appreciated - I'm aware of desertsky72, but I've yet to discover avax. Cheers!


yob_tva said...

anyhoo, the article stinks of rock school 101 top ten tricks

increase flagging ticket sales through use of profanity AND have member of group storm off stage

next they'll be using semi-nude women in video-clips, endangering one's own life through sinking a boat, complaining of middle-aged spread and then going on a diet, and or covering a few old tunes as a contractual recording obligation

hopefully the rest of the tour involves

- cute pictures with animals (koalas or kangaroos)to show sensitive side
- being arrested by customs going into singapore with pornography showing their tough side
- and speaking out about the olympics to be held in beijing and the plight of tibetans showing their concern with the state of world affairs

all of which will aim to increase ticket sales

To Live and Shave in L.A. 25th Anniversary Tour: Updated Poster

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