Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Zagreb and Associated Convolutions...

Insane fucking day. Received word from Igor in Split that we needed an ATA Carnet to cross the Hungarian-Croatian border without undue bureaucratic bullshit. Balazs and I raced to the appropriate ministry via metro and nabbed the documents in less than a half-hour. We packed up the Kangoo and hauled ass overland to the border. We hit the first checkpoint just as the 7:00 PM shift change was beginning, and three and a half hours later... What a nightmare. Made it to the Zagreb city limits around 11:50. Mate, our host, rang to inform us that "extremists" had phoned in a bomb threat to the police. As we arrived at the theater complex, explosives experts and smirking cops (who obviously knew the call to be the idiotic hoax it was) were doing final cursory checks of the parking lot and interior rooms... At 12:10, we were allowed to load in.

It was the best gig of the tour to date.

Nailed them with an a capella version of "Till Their Legs Gave Way", and afterwards, pure levitation...

More about this day later. Off soon for Split, and the Adriatic Coast.



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