Saturday, April 26, 2008

Last Moments in Praha...

Bratislava awaits... Chateau L'Infer Rouge in Praha was demonic (as the name of the venue suggested). Obnoxious American idiots yapped loudly throughout Orphan Fairytale's set - "I want the lowest interest rate... I'm interested in artists' rights management..." They were still vomiting the details of their insipid lives at the onset of TLASILA's performance, so I dumped a full beer over their fucking heads and reminded them that they weren't at home watching Access Hollywood. One of the pair attempted retaliation, but he was such a weak cunt that he only managed to spill his drink on the back of the woman who stood one row in front of him. They fled as soon as we began - doubtless they were expecting Creed, Battles, something with the constintuency of Darfur stool... The set ruled. Our host, Jan, was the absolute model of gracious hospitality. I'm writing from his flat now - we leave for Slovakia shortly. Our clothes are washed, Dennis' cheap-ass Samsung camera died, Syd the cat slept on my jacket, and Praha was rainy and cold yesterday, but beautiful nonetheless. A photographer friend of Jan's, Martin, not only gave Sickboy and Dennis a huge free bag of weed but took over a gig of outrageously good photographs of our set. These will be posted soon. Jurgen wants to check his emails - penis reduction ads, mostly - so I'll sign off until we reach the Bratislava Centrum.



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