Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Sloth Before the Storm...

Hello Creatures,

Finding an open wireless connection has been rough of late; I trust you'll forgive the rupture in continuity. We have hundreds of photos to sort through, more than a dozen video clips to upload (or hastily delete), two pro-quality board recordings (from the performances in Antwerpen, as previously reported, and Rotterdam), and a new 45-minute album tracked yesterday at the WORM audiowerks. A super-minimal lineup (Sickboy on laptop, Joke Lanz on pedals and CB mike, and yours insatiable on vox), with maximum dislocation the result.

The 13th was utterly invigorating; there's no way to describe how superb a venue WORM is until you've actually been there. The majority of American clubs are pestilent fuckholes by comparison. Given the vagaries of a strange Sunday audience (half attentive, a quarter too fucked to focus, and another quarter sort of there through the capriciousness of fate), we had but one option... Steffan from Staplerfahrer joined us on stage; his nano-sound constructions artfully chipped the edges of the whorl. Expect more collaborative reductions between Steffan and TLASILA in the near future...

The previous evening's proceedings at the labyrinthine 013 complex in Tilburg engendered less crowd molestation and fell upon largely receptive cartilege. The narrative was broadsided once again - Joke performed a lengthy, entirely masterful solo set, while TLASILA receded further into the magma with Jurgen firing shattered gabber/fuckcore/Cortege samples over which I conspired to impose order. Local support was provided by artful, contemplative minimalists 4DaLadiez, whose ludicrous moniker seems to serve the same function as one long ago employed by a group of academic pervs within whose ranks I happen to reside...

The women are definitely hotter in Holland, and their "coffee shops" truly rule.

For my peepz in Atlanta: there are infinite rows of bike racks at every train station and school in The Netherlands. Bicyclists outnumber SUV drivers 20,000-to-1, and that's no exaggeration. Get with it, Fulton and Dekalb! Park that Olde World Detroit shit for good and burn off your fucking flab.

Oh FUCK! Radio Centraal is playing Radiohead! My day is ruined...

Tomorrow we drive north to Hannover, and afterwards, Denmark!

Lots more soon,


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