Friday, April 18, 2008

We Are Jump Style (Through Apostolic Filters)...

Hello Droogs,

Writing from a net cafe in the Køpenhavn centrum, across the walk from the Scala and a licorice-filled mortor lob from the amusement park and a very frightening ride that seductively purrs for my soul. Last night's gig in Århus was probably the best of the tour, just completely fucking on-point. Sold so much merch that I was a little stunned by the response. Three Lester Knox CDs went out the doors of the LJUD venue and into neat, rectangular cubes where plants and small pets have presumably expired... Tonight, Klub Argot.

The Hannover gig was almost as revelatory, but the German audience were five times more rowdy and thus a lot more pleasurable a challenge. Brilliant eveening all around... Met a girl, Claudia. Life is great.

Time's running out, so I best run.

Love from Denmark,


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