Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lausanne to Geneva > Cave 12: Pix...

I was finally led to a pharmacist in Geneva who properly diagnosed my ailment (a damnable dry cough); she sorted me out in minutes. The cost? Three Euro, or less than six dollars.

(Any Stateside Republican jackass who, when faced with similar realities, cries "socialized medicine," should be gutted on the fucking spot.)

Digression is my hallmark, but the cough disappeared the next day and with it, the horrendous headaches.

Below, photographs of our rail journey from Lausanne to Geneva. Shame I felt so out of it upon arriving at Cave 12 - I snapped few images there, and didn't even grab a poster. Fatigue was palpable...

(Captions to follow.)

(Click above for a larger version of the image.)

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